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Johnathan D. Walker
My love of music started early. Grandma had a piano. As soon as I was big enough to make it on the bench I would bang on it daily. That banging evolved into something slightly more sonorous, and some people even said I’d gotten pretty good at it. I played throughout college, where I began to learn about synthesizers, and that became a passion that I continue to nurture in addition to my piano playing.

My interest in vocals developed in tandem with the piano playing. I’d always loved to sing, and that interest ultimately culminated in my receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Vocal Performance from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. While at UNCSA I studied composition, electronic music, and guitar in addition to vocal pedagogy.

The guitar always fascinated me, though I didn’t pick it up until high school. I’ve since been playing 24 years as of this writing and love the instrument, particularly as a tool for songwriting. I’ve also spent a little quality time with the bass guitar, though I’d never claim professional level proficiency there.

Since graduating, I played and sang throughout the southeastern United States doing classical, jazz, and good ol’ rock and roll. I wrote a pretty large catalogue of songs crossing the gamut of genres, and have shared selections of those here on this site.